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Hot Chocolate


Every box containes 260 g/13 portions

Simply heat up 1 dl of milk and stir in 3 teaspoons of Orka Hot Chocolae base. Cook it on low heat, while whisking until smooth and thick.

It also tastes delicious made with coconut, almond, or soy milk.

Our hot chocolates even bring back fond memories of our childhood, with their unique taste.

At the same time, we created our Hot chocolate in the form of a packaged powder, so you can prepare it at any time and enjoy it at home!

To achieve the luxuriously deep taste of Orka Hot Chocolates, blend real chocolate, premium cocoa powder and a little sugar for a rich, perfectly balanced chocolate taste.

Try out all of our flavors:

  • Dark Classic 

  • Dark Winterspice 

  • Dark Chili

  • Dark No Sugar

  • White Classic

  • White Oreo


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