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Hot Chocolate


Every box containes 260 g/13 portions

Simply heat up 1 dl of your favorite milk and stir in 3 teaspoons of Orka Hot Chocolae base. Cook it on low heat, while whisking until smooth and thick.

It also tastes delicious made with coconut, almond, or soy milk.

Take your hot chocolate game to the next level with  our mini  Marshmallows!

A decadent hot chocolate is a delicious and aphrodisiac elixir!

We created our own Hot Chocolate base, so you can make and enjoy it at your home, at any time!

To achive the luxuriously deep flavor of Orka Hot Chocolate, we  blend real chocolate, high quality cocoa powder and a little sugar  for a rich, perfectly balanced chocolate taste. 

Try all our flavors at the pastry shop or home:

  • Dark Classic 

  • Dark Winterspice 

  • Dark Chili

  • Dark No Sugar

  • White Classic

  • White Oreo


Hot Chocolate Lover
Gift Pack

  • 1 box of Orka Hot Chocolate base
  • ​1 pack of mini marsmallows
  • ​1 enamel mug from @bbeatricedraws
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